City Hall Tower

During the summer of 2022, the Tower is open from June 7 to August 21.

The City Hall Tower is 106 metres tall, with a beautiful, panoramic view of all of central Stockholm. The Tower Museum (halfway up the towe)  you can see sketches and prototypes of various statues and building features of the City Hall.

You can reach half way up the Tower by a lift. The last part consists of stairs and inclined passages and because of this, it’s not possible to bring prams/strollers or walkers into the Tower. It is also not allowed to bring bulky objects such as bigger bags into the Tower.

During the 2022 season, the City Hall Tower is open June 7 – August 21. After that it’s closed until next summer. A visit to the tower takes about 35 minutes. You buy the tickets at the City Hall ticket office. This is the same ticket office where the tickets for the guided tours are also sold, that is, not in the Tower itself. Tickets for the guided tour and tickets for the tower are, however, separate tickets.

The number of tickets to the Tower is very limited. There are 27 tickets for each entry time. The ticket office will open at 8.30 during the summer of 2022.

Price and entry times

Price: SEK 80

The price applies to all persons from 12 years and up. Children under the age of 12 in the company of a guardian enter free of charge. The exception to the price is school classes accompanied by teachers, where the price is SEK 20 per pupil, up to 2 teachers may enter free of charge.

June 7 – August 21

The entry times to the Tower take place every 45 minutes. These are the entry times: