Leasing of Blue Hall and/or Golden Hall

The City of Stockholm offers companies and organizations the opportunity of leasing Blue Hall and/or Golden Hall. With their unique cultural-historical value, each of these exquisite rooms offers a magnificent setting for creating world-class event experiences.

Companies, organizations and associations may lease Blue Hall and/or Golden Hall for events. Individuals are not allowed to lease Blue Hall or Golden Hall.

The premises may be leased between the hours of 5 PM and 1 AM. Stadshusparken and Borgargården may not be leased for private events because they are open to the public.

General terms and information (pdf, 171 kb, new window)

It is necessary to process your personal data in conjunction with leasing either the Blue Hall or Golden Hall.

Processing of personal data when leasing premises at Stockholm City Hall

Blue Hall

Blue Hall is the red brick hall that was originally supposed to be blue. The architect, Ragnar Östberg, changed his mind though, deciding that the beautiful red brick should remain as it was. This is where the Nobel banquet is held on 10 December each year. The Blue Hall is suitable for dinner events with as little as 50 guests or as many as 1,200. The Blue Hall can be used for a variety of purposes, such as banquets, prize ceremonies and concerts.

The maximum capacity for the Blue Hall is 1,200 guests.

  • Rectangular tables: 1,200 people
  • Rectangular tables only inside the pillars: 900 people
  • Round tables: 480 people
  • Standing buffet: 1,000 people
  • Sitting buffet: 800 people
  • Mix & mingle parties: 1,200 people
  • Parquet seating: 1,188 people

Golden Hall

The Golden Hall, with its more than 18 million golden mosaic tiles depicts scenes from Sweden’s history. It has a maximum capacity of 700 people and is suitable for smaller banquets and concerts. Or, why not invite guests to dance here after a banquet in the Blue Hall?

The maximum capacity for Blue Hall and Golden Hall used in combination for the same event is 1,200 guests. The maximum capacity for lease of the Golden Hall alone is 700 guests.

  • Rectangular tables: 680 people
  • Round tables: 400 people
  • Standing buffet: 400 people
  • Sitting buffet: 400 people
  • Mix & mingle parties: 700 people
  • Parquet seating: 700 people


Prices for 2021 (pdf, 136 KB, new window)

Lighting rig

Stockholm City Hall is a building of cultural-historical value where many activities take place simultaneously. Accordingly, we try to avoid the use of lighting installations that require a great deal of time to complete or which cause a great deal of wear and tear to the building. For this reason, we always use our professional lighting rigs for events held in the Blue Hall and Golden Hall. They allow for a great deal of flexibility, with many lighting options. We lease these lighting rigs together with the skilled operators who run them.

Other technology

The acoustics at Stockholm City Hall are complicated and we do not lease out any sound systems. Event organizers are therefore encouraged to contact a sound system professional who has prior experience of the types of solutions most suitable for these premises. There are brackets for attaching a film screen on the north wall of the Blue Hall. We do not offer screens for lease. Event organizers are responsible for obtaining them elsewhere. It is possible to set up a projector on the first floor. Contact the Stockholm City Hall Event Unit for more information.

Email: cityhallevent@stockholm.se

Grand piano and organ

There are two grand pianos at Stockholm City Hall. There is a Steinway Model B in the Blue Hall and a Steinway Model D in the Golden Hall. If you are interested in leasing either of these for your event, please contact the City Hall Event Unit well in advance to reserve it.

The largest organ in Northern Europe is located in the Blue Hall. It may be leased for events. However, the organ may only be played by a trained organist. Please contact the City Hall Event Unit for prices, terms and organist recommendations.

Email: cityhallevent@stockholm.se